Write-by-the-Lake Writer’s Workshop & Retreat Wrap-Up

What a wonderful Write-by-the-Lake!  It was so much fun getting to chat with many of you in my little temporary office in “Resource Cove.”  My student helpers and I made over 2,000 copies in that little room!  You all were working hard!

Those of you who follow us on Facebook have already seen many of these, but I thought I’d share them again just in case.

I might be biased, but I think Madison is such a lovely city – don’t you?


The storm approaches from across Lake Mendota on Wednesday morning. That would make our third tornado warning in two days!


We saw quite a lot of this last week, didn’t we?


Luckily, though, we did get some little pockets of sunshine, too. When I lived in the Pacific Northwest, the forecast often included “sun-breaks.” I love that term. I think those little sun-breaks inspired many of us to use our ice cream coupons!


Lovely Lake Mendota. It’s so calm without those gale-force winds, isn’t it?


I love this view of the Historical Society and the Red Gym. (It’s the view out of the third floor ladies’ room, funnily enough!)


As you can see, lots of us didn’t get a great night’s sleep on Monday night / Tuesday morning.


Calm waters are a good thing!


On Thursday night, the Pyle Center threw a little party – delicious appetizers and the musical talents of Mike Massey (who would win a Madison Area Music Award a few days later!) and Francie Phelps. We were all so glad the weather held!


Another view of Thursday’s rooftop gathering.


A little panorama of a very moody-looking lake.


Ice cream for dinner. “Union Utopia” – vanilla with swirls of fudge, peanut butter, and caramel. Now I’m thinking I should get that for dinner tonight, too!

IMG_8762_edit IMG_8841 IMG_8890_edit IMG_8904 IMG_8905 IMG_8925 IMG_8929So wonderful to see you all – can’t wait for next year!

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Woodstock poet
Returns to Madison
In search of inspiration,
Technique improvement,
Exploration of new words.

By and by, she
Yearns to be Yeats,

Thrills to “The Writer’s Pledge,”
Hears her colleagues’ work-
Expectations confirmed. She

Listens to gentle critiques,
Accepts different points of view,
Keeps her own counsel,
Exits humming!

–Jan Bosman, June 19, 2014

Jan Bosman was a member of Marilyn Taylor’s poetry section this year – “Best Words, Best Order.”

Thanks for sharing this delightful acrostic poem with us, Jan!

Great American PitchFest

Great American PitchFest

On the weekend of June 20-22, Laurie Scheer spoke and presented a master class and informative workshop at the Great American PitchFest held in Burbank, California. Attendees spent the weekend practicing their pitches, listening to speakers, and pitching their ideas to potential buyers. Laurie’s publisher, Michael Wiese Productions, sold books at the event. UW-Madison senior Max Lukash offered to volunteer at the Wiese book booth. Max has been a volunteer at our past two Writers’ Institutes. He is currently fulfilling two internships in the entertainment industry and will return to campus this September. We hope he’ll help us out again next year with WI. Here’s a photo of Laurie and Max at the event. June 21, 2014.