8 hot tips, updates, deadlines, ways to save $10-$50…

Hello from the writing team at UW-Madison Continuing Studies: Bridget Birdsall, Christine DeSmet, Laura Kahl, and Laurie Scheer.

8 hot tips, updates, deadlines, ways to save $10-$50…

-1. Take action by March 7 to save money at April’s Writers’ Institute

Reserve a pitch meeting, a one-on-one half-hour critique meeting or join a critique group at Writers’ Institute by March 7 and you save $10. Check it out: http://www.UWwritersinstitute.org or call 608-262-2451 today.

-2. Writers’ Institute April 12-14—Wow! Have you seen this year’s line-up?

NEW: 6 publishers, additional pitch meetings with 8 agents, workshops galore on hot topics such as changes in publishing, Young Adult writing, mystery writing, children’s picture books, and more for nonfiction writers, too. Debuting: Midwest Prairie Review, celebrating writers’ voices from the heartland. The conference is also at a new place—the Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison. It’s next to the Capitol, many new restaurants, the Overture Center for the Arts and much more, and still next to State Street’s awesomeness and campus. http://www.UWwritersinstitute.org Or contact director Laurie Scheer, lscheer@dcs.wisc.edu, 608-265-3972.

-3. Sneak preview of the Success Panel Luncheon at Writers’ Institute

Don’t forget to sign up for the luncheon! Let’s toast each other plus some special writer successes in the past year. This year’s upcoming success panel includes a writer who started developing her novel pages at the Write-by-the-Lake Retreat (held every June), who then pitched her novel at Writers’ Institute and got an agent. And then… She’ll tell you at lunch what it’s like to be in a “bidding situation.”

-4. March 16 “Marketing Toolkit” workshop preps you for success

Learn how to pitch effectively before attending Writers’ Institute or other conferences. Sharpen your logline and project’s hook. Avoid common mistakes in marketing or navigating conferences. Our resident pitching pro Laurie Scheer leads this 9 a.m. – noon Madison workshop. The best $55 you’ll ever spend. To register: http://www.Continuingstudies.wisc.edu or 608-262-2451.

-5. New Age Publishing Secrets Revealed—special fun FREE offer

Bridget Birdsall and writer Peggy Williams (author M.J.Williams) taught a great workshop last fall exploring the pros and cons of self-publishing and the new resources available to writers—all to help you decide if it’s for you or not. That workshop is now on a convenient video. If you order our 80-minute online audio workshop for $30 dollars you will receive a FREE 15 minute marketing and publishing phone consultation with Bridget—to help you determine which path is right for you and your book. This limited-time offer is open to the first 17 takers for 17 business days after Sunday March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day!

-6. Updates and deadlines: 15th Annual Write-by-the-Lake Writer’s Workshop & Retreat, June 17-21, in Madison

1. Poets, hurry!—Marilyn Taylor’s June class has room for only a few more. Join a fantastic teacher and past Wisconsin poet laureate.

2. For full novel manuscript critiques in June’s Master Classes—apply ASAP. Just a few spaces remain in both of our Master Classes for novelists at the June 17-21 Write-by-the-Lake Retreat in Madison. Choose Lori Devoti or Christine DeSmet as instructor.

3. Other info about the June “Write-by-the-Lake Retreat”
–Enroll by May 20 to save $50. Prices go up after that. Registration is open now. 608-262-2451.
–Laurel Yourke’s section is already full.
–11 other sections remain open; choose one to study for the week.
–Topics cover fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry.
–Optional: graduate credits in English; special low price for credits.

-7. New online courses help you write your memoir and your life stories

What’s Your Story: Writing Your Memoir
What’s Your Story: Writing the New Autobiography

Enroll any time. Work at your own pace, one-on-one using email. Bridget Birdsall, instructor, bbirdsall@dcs.wisc.edu, 608-890-3330.

-8. New online: Brush-Up Class for All Writers: Business, Academic and Creative.

Bridget Birdsall takes you through writing principles you may have missed in school. Write more persuasive and professional reports, application essays, thesis statements, even poetry and fiction. Learn how to “hook” your readers and keep them reading with any piece of writing. Put pride back into your writing ability. http://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/lsa/online/writing/

Check out all our programs and Critique Services: http://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/lsa/writing/

Or contact:
Laura Kahl, program associate, lkahl@dcs.wisc.edu, 608-262-3982.


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