Local Publishers Day at Writers’ Institute

On Saturday, April 13th, as part of this year’s Writers’ Institute, we are offering a panel of representatives from local presses here in the Midwest.

These individuals will discuss and explore the current state of publishing and offer some insight into how publishers function and work with authors, among other topics.

Reps from these publishers will remain on site for the remainder of the day on Saturday for Writers’ Institute attendees to become familiar with their publications.  So stop by and say hello and get to know our local presses…here’s information about these wonderful publishers.

For more information contact conference director Laurie Scheer at lscheer@dcs.wisc.edu or 608- 265 3972.  See you at the conference – UWWritersInstitute.org

Here’s a little bit about the publishers who will be attending:

Bookmen Media Group

Our customers rely on us for unique, fresh perspectives on the fundamentals of what it takes to bring a book, product, or service to the marketplace. Through book publicity, book promotion, and book publishing, we create consistent messaging across all media channels so you can rapidly build your brand both online and off.

Bookmen Media Group, Inc. (BMG) is a highly skilled team of experts ready to help you experience your goals. We detail this process of publishing, production, promotion, distribution, and publicity by:

  • Creating a cohesive integration between cooperative publishing and social media, public relations, business development, best strategy marketing practice, and distribution
  • Exploring the key elements of platform development, the essential actions of brand and buzz building and content marketing critical for success.

Cambridge Book Review Press

Founded in 1997 by Wisconsin editor/publisher Bob Wake, Cambridge Book Review Press (www.cbrpress.com) has distinguished itself with a unique blend of literary fiction and state-of-the-art autism studies. Titles include Walk Awhile in My Autism (2005), by Wisconsin autism consultants Kate McGinnity and Nan Negri, which to date has sold over 4,500 copies. Literary titles include the first English translation of Henri-Pierre Roché’s novel Two English Girls and the Continent (the basis for François Truffaut’s 1971 film Two English Girls), and a 50th Anniversary ebook edition of Fisherman’s Beach, the 1962 novel by Madison-based writer and radio-host George Vukelich (1927-1995).

Colony Collapse Press

Colony Collapse Press is a small publisher of small books. Brand-new in 2012 and based in Madison, Wisconsin, Colony Collapse Press was formed with the vision of producing attractive, pocket-size editions, primarily of novellas, fiction chapbooks, and short-length nonfiction works. Short form prose has been largely neglected by the contemporary publishing landscape, but history has given us good reasons to consider this an oversight–think Camus’ The Stranger or Conrad’s Heart of Darkness or Kafka’s, well… pretty much everything. Colony Collapse is dedicated to the mission of increasing attention and readership for such short forms and their authors, particularly early- and mid-career writers, for whom we hope to serve as a stepping stone in the ongoing journeys to long careers and longer publications. Our books will appealing, digestible, and travel lightly. We look forward to bringing you our debut book, Proposals for the Recovery of the Apparently Drowned, by Michael Sheehan, in late 2012. Visit us online at: www.colony-collapse.com

Cowfeather Press

Cowfeather is a project of Verse Wisconsin. Cowfeather Press publishes and promotes the work of outstanding poets who engage with their material, as well as with their local communities, in exemplary ways. These poet-citizens are committed to

  • developing a place for poetry in civic discourse;
  • serving others through poetry;
  • expanding and connecting communities of poets and readers.

At Cowfeather Press, we believe poetry matters, and we reach towards an aesthetic that represents the diversity of Wisconsin. We encourage conversations on the page, the stage, and in public spaces which embrace, challenge, and explore both our differences and our common humanity.

If you are interested in learning more about Cowfeather Press, and how you can support this fledgling effort, contact us: cowfeather@versewisconsin.org.

Little Creek Press

Little Creek Press provides personalized, publishing services including in-house custom design, editing, marketing,public relations and sales for high quality books and magazines.

Navigating and understanding the publishing world can be intimidating and oftentimes confusing. We know that and it’s that particular knowledge that enables us to better serve our clients. The Little Creek Press team collaborates with clients every step of the way to create a marketable end-product in a timely manner and on budget. But more than that, we partner with clients to ensure they’ll be thrilled with the outcome; we firmly believe they shouldn’t settle for anything less.  www.littlecreekpress.com

Founded in 1936, the University of Wisconsin Press is a nonprofit publisher of writing and scholarship for both  regional and global audiences. Of special interest to participants in the Writers’ Institute are our novels and  memoirs; our annual juried poetry contests; our how-to books about writing; and the lively journal Contemporary Literature. Our nonfiction publishing encompasses a broad range of academic subjects and such general-interest genres as biography, outdoor essays, travel writing, and reportage. Our fiction lists focus primarily on regional Midwest settings, the range of GLBT experience (whether in the U.S. or beyond), or foreign literature in English translation.


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