Working Lunch at Olbrich Gardens


As you fellow Madisonians may remember, last Friday was beautiful – warm, sunny, and almost Spring-like somehow.  Knowing that we won’t have many more of these days before winter hits, Laurie Scheer and I grabbed some lunch at the Willy Street Co-Op and spent our lunch break reading Midwest Prairie Review submissions at Olbrich Gardens.  In the photo above, I am balancing my work on my knee.  And those are just the poetry entries! 

(You all are a talented group, by the way!)Image

Since it’s a fairly gloomy day in Madison today, I thought I’d give you all a healthy dose of pretty.Image

So much pretty.

I could have happily wandered around these paths all afternoon.


Why, exactly, is burbling water so relaxing?


Laurie and I set off for separate corners of the Gardens.  (So as not to influence the other’s judging.)  I spent the bulk of my time on a bench by the water.  I know the water looks kind of scummy from far away, but up-close was lovely, actually.


Tiny brilliant green dots floating on the nearly-black water.


The colors!


I don’t know what these seed pods are, but they looked like black tulips.  Very Morticia Addams.



I loved the mix of golden leaves and freshly-blooming flowers.


And you can never go wrong with a waterfall.


Ah, my little bench.  It was hard to tear myself away and head back to the office.  Do you think I could make a case to the Dean that I’m more productive outside?

Yeah.  I don’t think so, either.  Sigh.


Aren’t these guys something?  Their Latin name is Gomphocarpus physocarpus.


A host plant for Monarch caterpillars, they are related to milkweed plants.  Now you know.

Speaking of Monarchs…


This one let me watch for quite a while before fluttering away.

Just a few more hours until I flutter away for the weekend, too.  Have a wonderful one, everybody.


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