Spring Has Come to Madison


On April 23rd, Christine DeSmet (center) was awarded the Robert and Caroll Heideman Award for Excellence in Public Service and Outreach.  As many of you know, Christine started Writers’ Institute 25 years ago.  She also started the Write-by-the-Lake Writer’s Workshop and Retreat (which turns “Sweet Sixteen” this June) and Weekend with Your Novel, which debuted in the 1990’s.  We are thankful every day for Christine’s hard work, talent, dedication, and enthusiasm.  Congratulations, Christine!

It’s so lovely in downtown Madison these days, it’s hard to believe we got snow just about a month ago!  I thought I’d share a few photos.

Capitol Lawn Guitar Player
On a very crowded Farmer’s Market Saturday, this gentleman found a little space to relax and play his guitar.
Farmer's Market Flowers and Politics
Dane County Farmer’s Market: Flowers, Music, Politics, and Cheese Bread.
Memorial Union Sailboats
It was intensely crowded at the Memorial Union Terrace on graduation weekend, but the view of the water was relaxing all the same.
Farmer's Market Blooms
Just a wee sampling of the flowers on offer at Farmer’s Market last weekend.
Lots of blossoms all around the city. It’s much more fun walking home than it was when it was 30 below zero!
These lovelies are right outside of our building.
But it’s not just the flowers that are beautiful. Even the wild grass has its own loveliness if you look closely. Look at that beautiful purple!
Dandelion Fluff
The dandelions have a magical beauty all their own.


Hope you’re all soaking up the beauty wherever you are!


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