Jonathan Muzzal short story in New Ohio Review!

Congratulations to Jonathan Muzzall of Helena, Montana, on the publication of his short story, “A Whole Lot of Men with Guns,” in New Ohio Review, issue 18, published this fall.nor18cover

Jonathan used our Manuscript Critique Service and received help from writing coach Christine DeSmet to polish the story. Jonathan’s stories have also appeared in Rosebud, Beloit Fiction Journal, and elsewhere. He lived in Madison, Wisconsin for ten years before moving to Helena where he now works for the Lewis & Clark Library.


One thought on “Jonathan Muzzal short story in New Ohio Review!

  1. I wish Jonathan well and congratulate him on getting that article published. It feels good, I know, to have your work selected by the editorial review board out of all the other writers submitting. My wife is an artist. Just this morning she sold a piece to another artist in Arizona – a referral from someone who had seen Lee’s work. (We live in north central Wisconsin.) I received notification that I am in the top five candidates selected from those writers who submitted to WRITER’S DIGEST contest #69 in the October 2015 issue. It is (at least for me) not about the money. You just feel sssooo good about yourself and the craft you have been trying to develop. It is encouragement. Be encouraged! Be happy! I am happy for you.

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